By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2012 Jan 27
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To feel SPRING
in my heart
the 27th of January :-)!

I have felt it all week.
Beginning on Sunday,
when I saw a swarm
of bullfinch
in the tree of
my house's backyard
(I have seen them only once in my life. In 1974).

My energy
(Energizer Bunny in me)
is coming.
I have begun Spring Cleaning.
13 cupboards in my kitchen.
Plus two with drawers.
I haven't cleaned them
in two years.
Now I have done
already 7.

I bought today 20 tulips.
I don't like roses
(especially not single ones).
But these twenty tulips
light all my home!
Well. Tulips are almost
my favorite flower.

And today.
The SUN was shining!!
After weeks and weeks
of grayness and gloom.

I just feel SPRING-feelings!

And The Love for YOU...