By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2012 Jan 27
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Thoughts and Dreams

A hundred times
I have thought and dreamed this:

You have called me,
asked me to come to you.
We sit in your large
jugend house drawing room.
The fire is sparkling.
You have told me,
that everything I thought
of Your doings through out the years,
was true.

I ask: "Why have You not come to me?
Although You love Me and I You?"
You answer: "I have always thought.
If we would be together, I would
only hurt You. As I have hurt some women before."
I say to that: "OH! Don't you know?? You have
hurted me many, many, many times already!
By slamming the phone in my ear countless times.
By not answering my emails. By rejecting me!"
- You become all puzzled. Then you start to
So are the thoughts and dreams of You.
I think over and over and over again:
"YOU and I would be Happy together!"
- You KNOW Me, I KNOW You. We know about each other
more than anyone has known about us in our lives.
But in spite of that - or maybe just Because of that -
we love each other!