By Just L
Date: 2012 Feb 29
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DEKLATS: Reverse in Review in Year A

DEKLATS: Reverse in Review in Year A
A cautionary tale of two vengeful women

Bathroom scrawl
Fake Facebook profiles…count them all
Don’t mess with “dot”, roars Mama Bear
A letter to our pastor? His mother?
You herald from where?
Our marriage license, a frenzy set off
Law school professors call to scoff
[Unverified-Sender] not that mysterious
DNA on fliers much more serious
Conspiracy theory?  Don’t laugh at us
Friends now you claim…(post pics with no shame)
Screenshots do not require a mastermind game
Or a subpoena
You only have yourselves to blame
Read court transcripts, you threw each other under the bus
And you’ve wasted a year making a fuss
Reckless endangerment, a desperate crime
Classless, crazy, or cocaine-fueled pastime
We’ve consumed your life…
We are celebrities… how sublime
Summer was a trip and a rocking af-fair
“Do you know him” on Craigslist, Grindr..Wow, how you dare!
You sent fraudulent packages via US mail across state lines
When the month before we tried to be civil, even kind
You used our attorney, signed an agreement, but paid it no mind
Fuzzies, Black Toad in bad boobs… Niiiice
picplz on the popular/list… How you publicly shine
The party girl who gets used then is paid no mind
And that molehill who pretends she's an heiress who climbs
Waswema poetry posted then pulled
IP addresses traced, that’s no bull
I ain’t no Beyonce, but honey I’m not dull
He became my fiancé. You, on the other hand, so predictable
Your own pics gathered in my file are not modelesque
And, I am not talking about being rubenesque
Your uncouth manners (and isms) are simply grotesque
You misuse confidential HR info giving your profession an evil face
You’re known around town as mean; your BNI coffee is surely laced
Oh sure, Blessed Be first invaded my space
Yes, you got the last word (good for you)
After 532 emailed pages times two
Can make this shit up… then can’t…
Are you serious about your rant?
Closure RE: Closure Fwd: RE: Closure
Hello, did you get the message? I was already done with you, Arrrr!
No boundaries after we said “Stop” and “Too Far”
You whined I don’t think she knows she won’t take my call
Proving you each did not know the depths of our love at all
And oh, Seafood and Wine Fest, February 26, 2011
Looking back your yearning hell was our “at last heaven”
The ‘victim’ who believes the contacts during the case was your secret, a fluke
So easily wooed, wanting… we laughed until we puked
Both your lies and vengeance are now just history reminisced
Too bad your story doesn’t have a happy ending
Nope, it closes with kiss off, you’re dismissed
Oh, what’s the matter can’t take the disses?
Well, honey, you should not have f---d with the Mrs.

By Just L
February 26, 2012

(Moving on and moving forward are not the same thing. Indeed I know of every fling and little thing. I gave one chance to tell all, and I laid down the law. Clear boundaries with accountability partners. So far, flawless. And as justified as your anger may be... It was not me.)