By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2012 Feb 29
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April 2012 Dream

It's Friday the 20th of April 2012.
You have turned 60 the 13th of April.
I "happen" to go to my kitchen,
and see my phone calling
(I have it 98% on soundless).

I answer, and say: "Hi, Kim!"
- "How do You know it's me.
Do you have me as short-cut?"
- "NO. I have the world's lousuest
memory of names, but I have an
exellent memory for numbers.
I have known Your number since 1997."

Your are dumbstruken for a minute.
Then you say: "Please, Ria. Come here!"
- "Where is "Here?" - Is it in FirHill?",
I ask.
- "Yes,yes", you answer.

- "How do I come there? I don't want to
drive there by car".
- "Take a taxi!", you say.
- "I can't afford it".
- "Take it. And I come in the front yard, and pay it."
- "Oukej. I start in half an hour", I say.

I have "happen" to wash my long hair in the morning.
I put on a little make-up. Change to a turqouise
sweater and blue jeans.
In the taxi my heart is beating like a beast.
But I see the the Glorious Spring outside
the car's windows.

When the taxi drives in front of your house,
you are already outside. You pay the taxi.
It drives away.

You and I look at each other.
Both nervous, both full of feelings...

I smile at you and say: Moi, Kim!
And I stretch my arms to you.
You stretch your arms to me.
And we hug each other tightly.

The Dream continues.
With WHY you asked me
to come to you...