By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2012 Mar 02
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April 2012 Dream continues...

We go into your BIG Jugend House. We go to the sitting room.
You ask me: "What do you want to drink?" I look at your glass at the table, and ask: "What do you drink?" - "Whiskey". - "Is it Jack Daniels?", I ask with a grin.
"Yes", you answer with a remembering smile. - "Pour me a fingerbread".
We sip at our drinks. Then you say: "I have some things to confess to you. Things that have torn me for years..."
- "Yes?", I ask.

"I have hackered into your computer already in June 1997. I created NS for you. I wrote "Closing Up The Cottage"!

I smile at you, and say: "Thank YOU!  Kim for telling this!"
- "You are not angry...?"
- "Oh! I have been angry a many of times. For you not answering my emails. For throwing the phone in my ear numberless times. - I have KNOWN this things you have done. But there was always an Uncertainity. And I thought I have to live with it till I die..."

After several minutes of silence you ask: "What do You feel for Me NOW?"

The Dream continues...