By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2012 Mar 11
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A Conversation With Myself (About Flame)

When will these secrets
make their way
out of your pale skin of diamonds
when will the dogs of the night
be understood
by the madman
we call Sanity

we are a candle
in the night
gripping little shards of time
(they choose to dance every
now and
and maybe,
just maybe,
it's just for us
now and then)
letting the hours pass;
driven away
by the ineluctable desire
that dresses our interactions
with red paint
to be pounded incessantly
by the sun

it's all just a reason
a desire to drown
a march towards March
a transition to the unknown
where things make sense
just a little bit more
than they do
with you

Without obsessions
with no secrets
things get blurrier
and I feel
as though I am losing focus
while vagueness and ambiguity
once again

So what are we
what am I
and is this all
an obstinate bit of grace
and joy
just waiting to decay?

the wax crawls towards the floor
a misshapen sign of chaos
and a premonition of
's to come
(just some gravity and glass)

you know me
you know my way

But you don't know me
you don't know my

We are burning
and I don't know