By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2012 Mar 30
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Friday 30th March

Life now low.
My dead brother
evry day on my mind.
My dementing mother also.
My best woman friend
beeing surgued
(is that the right English word?)
Anyways. She had that in her back.

But there is this:
The SPRING is here!
Here in the middle of Helsinki, Finland,
sprouts come up :0)!
Snowwballs, crocuses, daffodils...
And some flowers you don't have
all over the world:  
Leskenlehti, sinivuokko.
I just really wait for
the Valkovuokko to come!
Fields of them!
(look in the net, if you don't know
what Valkovuokko is!).

OH...! SPRING!!!