By Just L
Date: 2012 May 04
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Six Month Wedding Anniversary

Happy anniversary
To you my love from thee

Married six months
180 since our vows, fittingly
And if you are counting
From the start: Day 914

Or the re-start: 496
Emphatically angering some
Who misconstrued texts as tea leaves
Only now it dawns it was not as they believed

I still do the math
Because it makes us laugh
Love’s algorithm too complex to solve
Outsiders can’t fathom the passion involved

Amazing how
You and I simply are
Beautiful Marvelous… Happily
More than the sum of simply we

While the storms of life carelessly swirl
Let them say what they will
You are forever My Man
I am delightfully Your Girl

How whole am I
Attached… Never more satisfied
You are my every dream
You prove over and over to me

Each night you find your way in
Face-to-face, skin on skin…
And everything else before
Deliciously flees

In our king bed, big and wide
No other place we’d rather be
Giggling, snuggled together
Don’t mind so much spring’s rainy weather

Braveheart our fav… Any wonder why?
In another life, my prayer
And on this day, our battle cry

Happy anniversary
To you my love from thee

By Just L
Married 11.11.11
Written for 05.11.12