By Just L
Date: 2012 May 06
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Revolving Status

The family just wanted to blame me
Somehow my fault your life was a storm
Still every two months you are “in a relationship”
Then, single again…it’s become quite the norm

The truth is you could not contain me
My love and sacrifice were all too great
And greatly unappreciated
And now I see it wasn’t me, and for you it is too late

Sadly your daughters now try to tame you
While I’ve given it all to God to do as he sees best
I know my truth and I no longer deserve their ungratefulness
As for you, you can put any idea of a lasting relationship to rest

Until you heal your own wounds and love yourself, you do not have the strength or courage to love another fiercely. I have enough of both to finally walk away, though in fact you left me years ago.

By Just L
Written April 25, 2012

Years before it was ever on the page.