By Star of David
Date: 2012 Jul 24
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A woman is not a plaything

Tell me
Where a girl-child
Is safe

Tell me how
We can keep
Them safe

From rape
From abuse
From violation

From being
Turned into

Tell me where
Women can live
Without fear

Where a girl child
Will not be mauled by
Hands and words

Tell me of a street
Where a woman
Can walk freely

Tell me of a man
Who will even now
Speak up, shout out

A man who will
Make at least
One heckler stop

Tell me of a man
Who will protect
A woman on a bus

Surely it is time we fight
To let our girl-children

Let our women
Fearlessly rise
Speak up, shout out!

(Written for 'Shakthi: A Celebration of Femininity,' a fundraiser for Emerge Lanka Foundation to spread awareness about sexual assault/abuse through artistic avenues. See or