By Just L
Date: 2012 Aug 14
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Hard Labor

I was reminded of my six-month anniversary poem today
How it was sweet and triumphant in every way
At six months we were so silly in love, we could’ve been deemed deranged
My husband insisted it was our “spork” anniversary
He claimed nine months was our “could’ve had a baby” day
And I wondered, wistfully, what we’d exchange…
(Body fluids if I had my way)
After nine months we are in hard labor
We’ve exchanged obscenities that we would not otherwise say
One devotedly wipes a brow, while the other irritated yells, “Go away”
Wave after wave of pain… some days all we can do is pray
And in those moments of rest between contractions we laugh and play
The expectant glow has worn off
But the truth is after nine months no mask can stay
Something new is being born
More authentic, meaningful, with more range
Delivery is not pretty and I would have it no other way
If I can simply get through today

By Just L
August 12, 2012