By Just L
Date: 2012 Nov 08
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11.11.11: ONE YEAR LATER

11.11.11 Bumgardner and Adair Wedding

Cue “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynryd

Opening prayer

This is a simple kind of story… (by Pastor David Loveall)

…boy meets girl and instantly tries to impress her.  We guys are funny that way.  The right girl hits our heart much sooner than the right words hit our mouth.  It’s followed closely by a simple twist or wretched train wreck depending how you tell it.  Suddenly and unintentionally, the girl who meets boy is instantly dulled by his apparent intelligence, amplified in part, by the use of the word “hot” when speaking about her appearance. She immediately swears off any future contact…But “hot” girl somehow underestimated the passion, and smartness of the articulate “counter boy” at the tattoo shop.

Now granted, it’s not romantically the first place a girl dreams to meet her soul mate, but it certainly is a testament that first impressions, and bumbling urban street language isn’t the last word in a budding relationship, or the final judgment of the man – Fortunately, there is hope for second and third and subsequent chances with the right spirit and the right words helped by the right punctuation, even if it’s over texting…and ultimately, the right heart…after all, a girl does have her standards.

Some of those “non-negotiable” standards are obvious, like, no naked chick chrome cut-outs on one’s mud flaps…but does it count if they’re on the motorcycle levers? This girl really likes bikes.  OR for the man, who might have said, “Never date a girl who is taller than you without heels”…but does it count when she is such an exquisite sight to behold in a pair of stilettos? Mmm, Tough call…but It just goes to prove, that with the right spirit and the right words, what one might have thought was impassable, the impossible can be overcome, and can indeed lead both on a journey to true love.

So two thoughts for the two of you:  right Words and right Spirit.

Right WORDS: Sometimes words can mask the spirit. Bible says in Proverbs 18:4 “The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters…” While diving down to those depths while trying to be meaningful, intelligent, loving, or well intended, sometimes the quantity may be hard to digest in one sitting. So remember, each of you, every once in a while, come up for air. In other words, and more importantly, let the volume of each other’s actions toward one another speak more than your words. And guard those conversations that are an attempt to be brief and quick, those that can do more cutting than time-saving. You know, those scalpel kind of words that are justified as a convenient short cut to grace and mercy? The right words are just enough to lift, encourage, and affirm. These add no extra weight or burden and are a delight to the spirit.

Right SPIRIT: Malachi 2:15 (MSG) “God, not you, made marriage. His Spirit inhabits even the smallest details of your marriage. And what does he want from marriage? Children of God, that’s what (offspring, fruit, impact outside of yourselves)… “So, guard the spirit of marriage within you.” Guard His spirit in this relationship as first and foremost and all joy will be added to this journey as it unfolds gloriously between the two of you. Be fearlessly honest, yet vigilantly gentle; both of you, but not at the same time. When both are fearless, and vigilant, sometimes the gentle part gets left out. Avoid this by both of you committing to keeping the spirit alive in each of you, thriving within the marriage partnership… and that presence is the fearless and vigilant person of Jesus Christ. His Words; His Spirit.

Vows and ring ceremony

In the irreverent, reverence of Lynyrd and the Lord, I combined these parting quotes for both of you:

Groom: “Take your time, don’t live too fast, troubles will come, and they will pass… you’ve found a woman and have found love, but don’t forget you are a son, to the Lord above who said it is done…”

Bride: “Forget the lust for tattoo man’s gold, all you need is in your soul. Follow your heart while walking tall, as it belongs first to Him who gave it all.”

We’ve exchanged vows and rings to beat the band, and at the end of your arms you’ll find the others hand. Now kiss dear ones and seal this deal, while guests sip libations and skip the meal.  You’re almost hitched – the two as one – so now kiss will ya? … so we can start some fun?


Introduction of Mr. and Mrs.

Cue “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers.

11.11.11 -- No matter what happens in our future, this was still and will forever be a lovely day.