By Just L
Date: 2012 Nov 09
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Stocking Up on Love

This last year we lived deeply in love
So thankful that one chick has moved from above
We remain Googly-eyed, completely in awe
Are you enjoying life in an RV…
Or being called Grandma?
Easier to say your parents are dead than in prison
Heiress, victim… whatever gets people to listen
While you’ve found a circle of “friends” to laugh at your lies
We have law enforcement as our eyes
So, we took a year off for a love sabbatical
Cashed our chips in and did something radical
Made a life instead of a living
3 carat canary cushion cut diamond ring
Rode the Harley every day since spring
You still think your meddling can mess with our thing?
Nothing can account for bad manners or taste
Choices in fashion or the crap pinned you ate
Darlings, keep trying…continue your tirade
The truth of the matter is I am the upgrade
So blessed together we can see clear ahead
Our hearts are full, while you are both dread
Fully ugly.

Lori Bumgardner-Adair
Written November 9, 2012