By Star of David
Date: 2013 Jan 09
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25 reasons why I left

1. We kiss differently
2. You make it hard for me to breathe
3. I breathe easier when I am with you
4. You have the softest, softest hands
5. Our ghosts don’t get along
6. I’m not one for surprises
7. Your tenderness
8. The way your fingers slow dance on my skin
9. I don’t see your name written on the moon
10. You don’t make me feel safe in dark places
11. I don’t want to make memories with you
12. I held your face in my hands for too long
13. You held my smile in your palm for too long
14. We spent too much time together
15. We didn’t spend enough time together
16. I needed space and I thought you would too
17. I was scared
18. I didn’t want to hold on
19. I didn’t want to let go
20. You make me indifferent after a while
21. You broke your promises
22. You fixed your promises
23. You are too beautiful
24. Chemistry causes chaos
25. Because I still can