By Star of David
Date: 2013 Feb 04
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when I enter a room
I think that you
have just left it –

I can feel you almost
a shimmering suggestion
a slight pulsating glow
of where you where
and where you are not

a scent perhaps,
but then again –
it follows me everywhere
that scent that is you

surely it cannot be?

the clothes in the wardrobe
move ever so slightly,
like you just closed the door
and in the air there is a sense of –

call it what you will

I carry you with me
it must be me

maybe you are there
behind that curtain
teasing me
or at the foot of the bed
where you used to stand
surely you must be somewhere

you are everywhere

maybe one day you will return
and I will open a door
and walk into a room
only to see you standing there,
with that signature half-turn
glancing at me like you used to
and you will say ‘a bath, with me?’

and I will say
‘no, no,
let me just look at you
oh let me just look at you’