By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2013 May 09
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Love with 4 paws

Yesterday I read this in a magazine:

A dog is Love with 4 paws.

I AM getting a Jack Russell :0)!

I have had a Dream Jack Russell for 16 years:
* With lots of spots.
* Lively, but not tooo wild (ALL Jack Russells are lively :0).
* A female.

Well. I got a photo of the litter, that was born in
the night between 1. and 2. May.
My daughter said to me yesterday: "You shouldn't
choose a puppy by the Colour!" I answered (triuphantetly)
"ALL the puppies are spotty!"


I have seen in my life, that if you believe hard enough
in a dream - and work for it, have it in Focus all the time, YOU GET IT!
Well... It was many years, that I hadn't The Jack Russell
in FOCUS. So The Dream didn't materialize. In November 2012
I gave it attention. And by the beginning of 2013 more and
more. And now I AM getting my Dream Jack Russell.

But this is also THE RIGHT TIME. I couldn't have taken
a dog earlier. - This is Just The RIGHT Time!