By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2013 May 15
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the days begin to pass
with what can only be described
as a bright dullness
caused by revelations and absence
but what am I to do
when she has such forceful wings
of seemingly ancient origin
that she was given at birth and have grown
with every hopeful year

and mine have only belatedly been found
beneath a calloused rationality
and a four letter word
that was covered with doubts
and terror
(painfully oblivious
until endings and love ravenously devoured

Grace took me by the hand
after decades
of patiently watching over me
smiling sweetly
and on my shoulder
Understanding rested her hand
in a comforting manner
that can not be replicated
by any physical thing
(She waited for me to find
to sift through the cluttered thoughts
in my mind
until I realized that she was always with me)

so to the gods above
watch me wield the wisdom
of everything I have learnt
and envelop every bit of restless time
and every graceless human being
with recklessly perfect hope

like the sunlight that crawled towards tomorrow
you are not here
but I feel somehow satisfied
and I smile sweetly now
just knowing that you are out there
living your life
infecting others
with the sunlit magic
of your essence