By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2013 May 15
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A Brief Opening (In The Night)

Cautiously I collide with you
(it seems I can not understand the caution
that constantly consumes me)
in the night
and each of us in turn
takes pleasure in our hands
caresses it
makes it come alive
and breathe,
makes it scream

and I let go
of my thoughts
while I look at your naked beauty
your gracious kindness
in being here
with me

and afterwards
we sit
believing in each other
building each other up with words,
tangled in conversation
and in the light of your soul
that is made visible
in your stunning smile
and I start to think
that maybe being here
with you
and listening to you speak
breathing the same air
as you
and staring at the absolute beauty
of your face
is all that I need
to understand myself
and the unexplainable magic
of everything you are.