By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2013 May 15
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Into Me

My thoughts are written here
and there
(in my yesterdays)
because nobody understands
or light
nobody has ever understood me
and they never
except for

so little child
filled with laughter and mirth
trying to dance
as they reprimand you
for struggling to live
just a little
in the midst of madness
piled upon
mysterious madnesses
do not let them dig your grave
with stern hands
and tired eyes
(though I know
you won't)

you can not be contained
or controlled
by any simplified mannequin
that forever holds on to the glory
of its yesterdays
you are a fire
warming the bones of every single passerby
you are the colours of the seasons
seeping into every person you meet
(and slowly but surely
you are seeping
into me)