By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2013 May 15
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Thank You

In the morning
we begin to sleep our way
through the day together
with you smiling radiantly
and I,
in my curiously quiet and cautious way,
smile in return
at the blessing that has walked into
my life
and taken hold of my heart
enraptured my mind
and breathed the breath of life
into my amorphous soul
that I never knew existed
until you became mine
and I became yours
while the day begins to march forward
we share coffee and laughter
simplistically floating through the world
and I do not care
because I have her
and she tells me
that she had fun
sifting through the minutes of the day
with me
and a colorless, blinding joy
is ignited somewhere in me
when I hear her voice
carry such kindnesses
I feel as though I live a dream,
caused by your angelic presence,
saturated in Elysium and tomorrows
waiting for your simple touch
(for this,
Thank you will never be enough)