By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2013 May 15
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Understanding In A Moment

I awoke today
with you sleeping quietly beside me
contentedly dreaming in a peaceful state
of bliss
and your red hair
falls partially upon your face
as a veil
that tries to cover the secret beauty
you possess so effortlessly
in a soul that you undress for me
a little more every day
in the words you speak
the stories you tell
undressing it for me
in the things that make you smile
in the things that make you frown
in the hopes and dreams
that you hold so dearly
and in all the things that you have overcome
and the soul I see
radiates with a forceful light
of defiance and warmth
its bones are made from compassion
and little bits of mistakes
that you have reformed
into lessons and used as the structure of your being
and it takes me a second to
come back
to your face
with your red hair burning like an endless fire
over your sleeping face
here I lay
as if in a dream
given this thing that can not be explained with words
only understood
by being near
her rapturous heart
and dreaming along side a dream
incarnated in the softest skin
and the brightest mind
that has ever been
or ever will be
in my graceless arms.