By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2013 May 15
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Time passes in the moments that we have
and now
with my clumsy angel in my arms
and I can't seem to care about anything
about anything else
but her warmth
her simple lips
that I could taste
her smile
and that little bit of her soul
that I could gather to myself
when she speaks
her words
and fumbles through life
with me,
with me!
this insignificant and undeserving man
that rests in awe
in her arms
of the sheer happiness
she emanates
but I can't seem to receive
for reasons that elude me now
but I think not
of that now
I am content
as no other man could be
with her quiet breathing
and the stories of her day
I know now
being here
That I could dream of no other