By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2013 May 16
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In the dirty puddles
I pass along
as I walk
down streets
constructed from hope and sorrow
I pluck a likely truth
(you will walk away
from me)
from their shallow hearts
and roll it in my hands,
staring at it curiously.
as I see my distorted reflection
in that lifeless, shallow water
I realize that acceptance
might have to consume me
in its flames
of an answering warmth
that skin begs not to feel

and it hits me
with a heavy reluctance
that I can not bear
when I've been dreaming of
what could be

and eyes are opened
like they've never been
loooking at the world
as if with the perfect innocence
of a child
and I don't know where
I'm going
but I have grasped
what I had never before
what I had never before felt.
so tomorrow can come
and I will be a new day
still dancing
with a reckless beauty
that can not be replicated
but whispers with such gentleness
that I know
it's all just a few moments
scattered together for a perfectly brief moment
in the vastness of the universe
[It'll all be okay

and life will continue on
without you
though I Will fight against it
with all my will
after finding something resembling everything
with such irressistable sweetness
something that taught me so much
and gave all of herself
(I just wanted another chance to give you everything
in return)]