By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2013 May 16
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Into Battle (Waiting)

I've waged this war
for far too long
I am not the man
I used to be

it is time to stand
even though I have no guarantees
of what the future holds
for this man
that drifts among the stars
with some kind of unbelievable peace
that electrifies indifference
and bleeds hope
with one eye always open

It has come time
to breathe the air of uncertainty
with placid acceptance
and find my home
wherever it is in the endlessness
of this thing
we all call

I let go of the decaying yesterdays
that clung
to a spirit
of resurected strength
and I follow the rabbits
down all the holes
into the limitless possibilities
(though I
no guarantees)