By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2013 Jun 01
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Sailing like crazy...

I looked you up in Google. Your mind is overfull with Sailing now. On a link I found one photo of You, and hundreds and hundreds photos of boats sailing (I got dizzy of them).
I envy you. It must be fantastic to feel such a Passion for something, as you feel for sailing :0)!

I feel Passion for my Russe :0)! On monday 3.6. I see Him for the first time. Well. There are 3 male puppies of wich I am to choose one. But I think He chooses Me!

Every Summer reminds me of Summer 1997.
The Summer, when I started to love You.
And I still do:

Many years have gone.
The love for You
is still the same.
Full of passion
and tenderness.
Not exactly the same.

It's deeper.
More understanding.
Not so furious...

Again I play the music of the sixties.
Oh! I tried to play Stand By Me.
I have palyed it so many times,
that it's worn out. I can't play it!

Oh. I change to Celine Dion...

"Because You Loved Me...
You were the one who got me through..
Lifted me up, when I couldn't reach...
You were my strenght, when I was weak...
Your tender wings, that carried me...
You were my inspiration...
I am everything I am, because you loved me."

Still true.