By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2013 Jun 05
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Stuttering When You Are Near

I am a war between the gods
tumbling down
through the years
that turn over
I am naked
blissfully unaware of the entrance
of Vulnerability
when you are near

and I slept through all my days
until you gently touched my skin
with your soft fingers
and stuttered truths
with a soft forcefulness
in my welcoming ears
that left me wide eyed
and led me to your embrace
(where I lose the will
to care
about time and chaos
and everything that
we will never understand)

you raise me
from my knees
where I perpetually stayed
scratching at the outside
of the lights of heaven
until you smiled at me
and led me home
to that place
where it is just you
and I
where I believe in
all the passing seconds

the noise softens
until I hear the music

all the things I tried
to make me feel alive
are crushed
under her

they are left in envy
this clumsy and virtuous
(dust to dust
and I to you)