By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2013 Jun 07
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Memory persists
and all I want
is to see you
to listen to you
to speak to you
to hold you
so that I have that beauty
made tangible again
instead of the hollow bits of time
and pale reflections that I have of you
in my mind
haunting my insides
but you continue on
with your life
moving through it
without me

I fear
that it matters not
that you miss me
I fear
that you are merely trying
to forget me
to forget that you miss
(are you trying to rid yourself
of the love
that you feel
are you trying to render it
and vacant of this tiny man
so that it may be given
to some other
incomprehensibly lucky
that will not learn
so slowly
that will realize
from the very first moment
that your arms
and your mind
are the