By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2013 Jul 01
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I do not know where you are
all that matters
is that you are not
you are not in the safety
of my arms
and I can not hear your words
I can’t feel your soul
pressing against mine
your mind is somewhere else
occupied by other things
occupied by life and the people
that populate its vastness

and in the slurred moments
that pass by melodically
without you
I am weaving threads of cotton,
stitching up the tears in my weathered soul
so as to be presentable
to an angel
if she decides
to come to my balcony

and it’s raining now
with some sort of relentlessness
that I can’t understand
but that I yearn to immerse myself
by running through it
and by doing so
cutting the callousness of this stretching indifference
and discover a little bit of eternity
in between the endless raindrops
that I might hold timidly
to offer up to you
if you return