By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2013 Aug 15
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New vision

Exceptional feelings, the power he had over her could only be explained by saying she allowed him to own her. When in Love you are not your usual self.  For her it was a once in a lifetime love. Seperation was not an option. little did she know, the countdown to a new start had began, the last days, hours and minutes she will spend with him will forever change her life.
There he was, just laying there on the floor, blood shed every where. The basement floor so clean with the reflection of the room’s bright lights. As she moved closer towards him, her feet were imprinted in his blood. She was finally able to see his face. She stood motionless. Unable to speak or to call for help, she kneeled down and touched his hair. The whole thing was so sereal . She threw her worn out body  next to his, unwilling to fight and not wanting to live. There was the love of her life and he had no fight left in him.
“Wake up, I beg you wake up” a soft voice said as she put her arms around him.
“I cannot do this alone, I promise I’ll be nice, just wake up” tears rolled down from her face.
“Wakkkkee upppppp!!!!!!” she starts to bang on his chest and to hestirically cry.
Well surely that’s just a scenario that keeps playing in her head.the insecurity she was feeling was too much. We danced in that open field, on that song, in a clear sky and by morning everything looked different.