By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2013 Nov 03
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Forever a word used so often but we do not honor its context. It is normally accompanied by the current state of the heart but not the vision of tomorrow.
We live for today and give promises that we can’t keep forgetting that the next day may hold something entirely different.
I made choices based on emotions; I walked down a path that was only wrecked but all roads always led me back to you.
You were always the shoulder I cried on, the arms that always welcomed me, the one person that stood endlessly next to me and all you wanted was to see me happy.
Some people are meant to be loved from faraway, because their memories are more precious than the reality of what could have been and for me, you are that person.
I dare not mess the image I have of you, the pictures engraved in my mind and the kindness wrapped up in my heart of you.  You are truly exceptional.

I am married now and so are you, but you have once said that people in love don’t always end up together yet their souls will always find a way to meet.  Forever? Well, all I’ll say is I just want to see you smile and should you think of me one day, I want you to know that I am smiling too.