By Just L
Date: 2013 Dec 03
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Savoring the Sweet

Savoring the Sweet
Springing Ahead 2013 (Getting this marriage thing down, literally)

E: This man loves and adores his incredible wife. I am the luckiest man in the world. (Jan 24)
E: Thank you for your love, understanding, caring, affection, and faith. You are a gift from God, and that is how I love, adore, and cherish you. (Mar 4)
E: Thank you for being you. Always. (Mar 11)
E: I have God, my Bride, and my family. Truly blessed. (Mar 15)
E: You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. You brighten that whole vineyard, like a beacon of special, shining into every corner. (Mar 15)
E: Lori, you know I have all the love in the world for you; you should know that you've made me a better man; I believe you are also aware that I am grateful for every moment I am honored by being your husband; it's obvious I know you're the smartest and most beautiful woman on the planet; but, did you know, I plan on making you the happiest woman on earth for as long as I live....? (Mar 20)
E: My Beloved, on this day of renewal, I thank God for my rebirth, for my Integrity, for my Bride, and for all that lies ahead. Amen. (Mar 31)
E: You are My Elegant Princess. I love you with my all, my everything. Forever. (Apr 6)
E: I loveadorecherish My Bride beyond words. You are my shining star and full moon. Thank you for your unconditional love and support of me and my heart. (Apr 12)
E: I am incredibly in love with you incredible woman. (May 29)
E: Lori, you captured my soul, you ease my mind, you protect my heart, you entice and excite me. I love you. I love you. I love you. I appreciate you totally. (Jun 27)
E: My Wonder Woman! Love you so much! (Jun 30)
E: I'm in love with you my sweet angel. You make me happy. (Jul 5)
E: You are my whole heart love. You mean the world to me. Thank you for everything you do and are. (Jul 5)
E: I love you so much Lori. You are My Heart. I thank God every day that You're My Wife. I'm truly blessed to have your Love. Every day with you is a delight. (Jul 20)

Electronic messages in 2013 simply recorded by Just L

(Postscript: Later I learned that these messages abruptly stopped at the end of July 2013, and the distance that could not be bridged began, because they were directed elsewhere... Only for me to later discover in July of 2014.)