By Star of David
Date: 2014 Jan 01
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they call it kalopsia:
'the delusion of things being more beautiful than they really are'.

and so I have a word for it:
like a surprise gift that suddenly fell into my lap, discovered while browsing the internet – unguarded from words that could attack by simply existing; free gifts, free wounds, with no giver, no inflicter; no one to blame but self for aimless surfing, careless exposing of heart where there are knife words and caress words and too many others in between. (does it apply to people too? no delusion, this – this way that I see you.)

and so it has a name, then:
such a beautiful, collapsing-in-on-itself, drawn-out, soft word for this effect you have on me with the effect you have on things – you touch something or gaze at it, with that look in those eyes, and suddenly there is one more thing for me to see anew, to treasure, to hold to the heart tenderly.

kalopsia, how apt:
it sounds so much like what I want to do every time my eyes find you.