By Star of David
Date: 2014 Jan 17
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peeling off the pictures
of you under my eyelids
slowly bleeding

scraping off these memories
from my face of your fingers
gently tracing its contours

your hands in my hair
your sweat in my eyes
I closed them

only to have you
slip inside my mind
and stay there

these hands that touched you
they should be smashed,
cut off at the wrists

these fingers sliced away slowly
for they hold your fragrance still
[I hold your fragrance still]

this heart that showed itself
to you too soon, traitorous
beating, eating inside my chest

tell me how to unpeel
my skin; your eyes
touched everything

tell me how to empty
myself of all this blood
that sings for you

you said men burn  
but women, they
leave easily

I am burning, do not speak
let me sear these wounds
as I please