By Just L
Date: 2014 May 08
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Mark My Words

For many years I have had the same dream over and over… I have bought a very old farmhouse, and find, much to my dismay, things are beyond repair, rotted beams, leaks turn to floods, mold, and some rooms are just plain scary (imagine Tyler Durden’s house in Fight Club). Well, last night I dreamed of that very same house, and while the dream started in its familiar way, much to my surprise, Tom Selleck came as a guest, and being a handyman, he fixed everything, allowing me to inhabit a beautiful new place that finally felt like home. I am not quite sure what to make of this;) But, I don’t expect that I will ever dream of “that” old house again.

~Just L
Written April 19, 2014

(At the time of writing this I had no idea how much “my house” would change)