By Just L
Date: 2014 May 15
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You will have to live WITH yourself. This is different than living by yourself. It will be the most difficult thing you will ever have to do. You may no longer make a claim of integrity, loyalty, or honor. You have sunk below the depths from which you climbed out of once... back into the dark sludge. You have betrayed your own soul, and light you will not find. I will continue to live with love, compassion, and fight for what is right and good. Knowing, deep in my heart as much as anyone knows, that I graciously cared for you when you could not. I will be honored for that, for God is my witness. And, as much as my heart is devastated, it is eased by the fact that while I may have been a mere fool, you are and remain a fabulous fake. And that, my love, has nothing to do with me. I wish you all that you deserve.

~Wifey (once)

Just L
May 15, 2014