By Just L
Date: 2014 May 17
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Reflection and Reflecting


Googly eyes
Belly laughs
Kisses sweet
Warm skin

Your hand in mine
Our “yay us” something
Special we shared
That transcended time

Broken, beautiful
Lives entwined
And oh how I glowed
Yes. Oh. How. I. Glowed.

Wandering solo
Journeying for a time
Surprised to find
You did it for me

Indescribably delicious
Confusingly smart
Between us
We held the Divine

So fantastically bright
Imperfectly right
Your love made me shine
And. Oh. How. I. Shined.

Any mirror superfluous
It was all on display
We could not keep it inside
Even if we tried
It could be no other way


[1234 days later]

I stared into the glass
Looking for something today
I still feel all of it as if
Yet, I no longer see it clearly
Perhaps it is the tears
Blurring my now not so perfect vision
But I am pretty certain
It has all gone away (with you)

Except the shine
It’s mine, all mine
Every fucking day

Just L
May 17, 2014