By Just L
Date: 2014 Jun 05
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A Waxing Crescent Kiss

(You had me) engaged in a gravitational conversation
Eyes piercing, no judgment, yet fixed is your gaze
Effortlessly you lean in, I sense forces at play
Lighthearted and laughing, I have no destination
In time an intention orbits our in-between spaces
Without a single word a pact is made / No confusion
You - will - be - kissing - me / Most definitely
Our tongues entangling is a foregone conclusion
Exhaling my breath, surrendering to the lunar phase
Dark sky - illuminated stars - 4% exposed heart
Your generous warmth envelopes my exposed parts
There is no second guessing / No false start
Our full mouths agree under a waxing crescent moon
I do not hesitate to participate, accepting my fate
Who am I to reason this tidally locked intoxicated swoon?
Eclipsed, I sigh / Yet no syllables escape
Pushing back my hair (you have me)

Just L
June 5, 2014