By Just L
Date: 2014 Jun 28
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Moving List

(Wish, To Do, or Shopping, sometimes hard to tell…)

I saw my ex's list that touted what life was “full” of, and what life was (now) “free” of…  What I know is this:

It was always full of things to be grateful for, such as love, light, encouragement, and possibilities, along with blessings, grace, and beauty…

Failing to care for these things, they seemed to have disappeared, but they had not.

Until one is able to genuinely take responsibility for the hurt they cause, the delusion persists, and of course, all seems suddenly right with the world! (Again.)

But, it is not.

One cannot be free of drama, fake people, hopelessness, anger, falsehood, abuse, and resentments when they each live within oneself.

So the cycle continues, and this list will soon be recycled with another one to adore and then blame.

And so it goes.

(Moving on is not the same as moving forward. Having the ability to write words does not make it so.)

Just L
June 28, 2014

p.s. In comparison I saw a beautiful and challenging list of things that two people who have been married 52 years (tomorrow) had on it… Thank you mom and dad for showing me what love, grace, and integrity look like every day.

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone. ~Audrey Hepburn