By Just L
Date: 2014 Jul 01
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16 Sides & The Truth

1. I loved you with my everything
2. I was generous
3. I was mostly kind
4. I wasn’t naïve
5. I wasn’t blind
6. I brought you light
7. I shared my all
8. I did the best I could
9. I didn’t let you fall
10. I was weaker than you knew
11. I was more fragile than you cared
12. I believed in forever
13. I dreamed we’d beat the odds, I swear
14. I stayed when it was tough
15. I knew we didn’t have it all (yet)
16. I thought we had enough

I loved you with my everything.

Just L
July 1, 2014

Inspired by a text from my soon to be ex to my friend, stating that there are "16 sides and the truth"...

The truth is you cheated, stole, left. Here's my truth.