By Just L
Date: 2014 Jul 26
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(How can one individual have such a broken moral compass?)

Your pattern has been overused
Complain you’re caught and abused
Or that affection is refused

Reel another one in
Play five
Pick one
Claim a win

Adoring for a short while
Articulate hero is your style
But never go the extra mile

Only to begin again
Play five
Pick one
Claim a win

Then reality causes tension
Slowly withhold love and attention
Blame and cause dissension

Never investing
Play five
Pick one
Claim a win

A truer love (in me), ne’er found
Still managed to run us aground
Your delusion is profound

Some husband
Play five
Pick one
Claim a win

Only you lose.

Everyone loses.
But mostly you.

Just L
July 26, 2014

(An ode to all of the lovely, generous unsuspecting women EMA has left in his wake as collateral damage. So, you think you’re “the ONE”? Right this minute you are likely one of at least two. Stop offering gifts, see what happens. Or just wait 12-18 months… When your Spirit tells you something is not right, it isn’t, and no, you are not crazy. And he is not yet broken enough—even with death and destruction at his doorstep—to live fully in THE light.)