By Just L
Date: 2014 Jul 28
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Broken Bindings

Today I was asked when I was the most happy with you
I cannot recall the date, but it was spring of 2013
You wore your mantle with pride and I was perfectly at peace
And now that is perfectly broken

(I will always smile at that.)

The beautiful part of being broken wide open
Is to realize that all the while I lied beside you
Crying and dying inside, you had simply (and coldly) lied
As you found a wounded bird to coddle (to fix your pride)

(I take comfort in knowing that, and knowing that was not about me.)

While I was working toward our future blessings
You were making other preparations (that you can’t hide)
There is no explanation for 781,381 texts to a person
Now who are you working so hard to convince I am the crazy one? (or lazy one.)

(I am thankful I am not that.)

Strange to be accused of being fixated
I never stopped loving you, my husband, keeping my vow
I showed you the world but I could not fix you even if I tried (or had wanted that responsibility)
And now you have fixed it so we never will

(I will always keep a place in my heart for that.)

You have left saying you want to be left alone
Yet you keep spinning tales to cover your own
I am a perfectly open book waiting to be read
And you are crooked in all your ways

(I am grateful to live in such a way I don’t have to do that.)

I am a woman who lives in the light
You are a man who hides in the dark
No my life is not perfect at all
But being courageous and truthful is a good start

(Thanks to my parents there was never any question of that.)

Just L
July 27, 2014