By Jane Rain
Date: 2014 Jul 30
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The worst of times

Why can't we end this torture?
Time isn't healing anything.
I miss my best friend.
We used to tell each other everything.
Now we can only assume anything.
Hearing your voice is a mixed blessing.
It's hard to comprehend how we got here.
It all seems so ridiculous,
But maybe necessary?
For now, anyways.
I wanted to tell you how well I've been doing
All things considered.
There's no way for you to know.
I could never tell you
Only show you
But I fear that will never happen.
And this "new me" will never know you.
As soon as we hang up I can't help but cry
And wonder if you're doing the same.
Both as lonely as ever,
But just a phone call away.
If only it were that easy.
If only we could.