By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2014 Aug 20
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I am the skeleton
writhing behind you
the skinless lifelessness
dancing behind you
unable to give back the warmth
that emanates from another's skin
but haunting every moment
that grow like vines around us
(I am alone
and I have only myself to blame,
only this thick skinned,
thick headed fool to stare at
in the shards of broken mirrors
that shreds every last bit of vulnerability into unrecognizable)

Help me out of myself
take me from this place
and bring me to another
where the light isn't so bright
where I am human again.
(Clumsily I move
towards the next moment)

I am the ghost
that passes through your body
without a single trace
(I drift through your mind unnoticed
staring curiously at the thoughts of stone and gold
the red vines towering forth
from the pain)
Gracelessly, I go forwards
one ghostly foot
in front of the
me                                       get
             out          of