By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2014 Aug 20
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Would it break your heart
to know
that you've broken my heart?

Would it hurt to know
that all I've known
that all I valued
was in you
and it's all become something
I can't understand anymore?

Would you be able to forget me
knowing that I'll never forget you?
Would it bring you to tears
to know
that I have been in tears
for all our years
that have been tossed into the fire?

What would it do to you
to truly know what you've done to me?
What would you feel
if you could feel
what I feel?
Would you be there without speech
if I sat there in welcoming silence?
Or would you let me go
even though you know
that I can't let you go?

Will you ever understand
how I understood you
and how little you tried to understand me?
(I failed in turning understanding
into action
and it weighs on me
like a thousand year old tree)