By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2014 Aug 20
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Rootless (With What You've Done)

What's the going rate
on morality?
How much
(or how little)
will it take to sell yourselves,
your souls
and make yourself into the plastic mannequins
that haunt the windows of our ugly superficiality?

I'm too far away from the roots now
that have held me here
and an animalistic desire seems to consume me
in the darkness of my apartment
while my mind struggles to contain the monstrous beasts
feeding ravenously on the emotions
running wild
like the stormy waves
in the middle of an ocean
that I have created for myself
in an effort to contain these thoughts
(in an effort to find peace)

It seems again
that confusion envelops me
and misanthropy tempts me again
to smile devilishly
and dive right in
(feel the cool water
of those thoughts
wet my skin)
but I will not
or justice
(The years spent climbing
have been too long
to simply sing their song)