By Blessed23
Date: 2014 Aug 20
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July 19th

What is it
that crawls over your eyes
(spiders and sunsets)
that has blinded you
from seeing what stood in front of you?
What tarantula or insidious memory
caused you to betray
a love
and bring darkness about your mind
until you ignored my light scraping at the edges
of your self-constructed doubts
that emerged viciously from your own insecurities
and inability to look inwards?

What will be the cost
of you perpetually blaming others for your own sins?
when it is somewhere inside you
that the answers reside this time,
waiting desperately for you to notice
as they decay rapidly;
screaming for you to notice them
before the wind blows their ashes away
(perhaps it's better that you may not come back
when you only blame me
for your abhorrent act
instead of realizing that you failed in many ways
and detached yourself
from me purposefully
and forced us to break asunder)

And on that day
the rain fell relentlessly
assiduously reminding me
that though the clouds ominously dumped
their melancholy on That Saturday Morning
it is in the light of tomorrow
that there will be no more sorrow