By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2014 Aug 28
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You will go back
to where you were before
and I will stay here
dumbstruck by life
and its random callousness
(if anyone knows
how to bring me home,
bring me there
if you can)

You were a weapon
disguised with skin like silk
and the smell of heaven
emanating from every pore
of your beautiful body
before the bullets
shredded my sanity
and your knives
cut into every promise
and every miraculous moment
we shared

I will rise
and stand
(I hope)
and find my way out
of all of this
(I gave you my body
and you ripped it apart,
I gave you my mind
and you tore it asunder,
I gave you my heart
and you turned it into lifeless darkness,
I gave you my soul