By Just L
Date: 2014 Sep 09
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I Hope You Cry

You are indeed a sad man. You left a beautiful life and family to go crawl in a dark hole. You have, by your own hand, destroyed everything you ever wanted. Longtime friends and family have turned their back on you -- because of your own choices and actions. You have shown once and for all who you are and not who you claim to be, or claimed you wanted to be. Now you may never be. There is no one who matters most to catch you. So you must create a new version of you to get along, simply to get out of bed and face yourself. Why do you keep running toward the pain? I hope when you close your eyes you have flashes of a light filled home, a loving bride, soft skin on yours, sweet kisses, that unmistakable sexiness shared between two people, unfathomable grace, laughter, arms wrapped tightly around you, wind in your face, being fed in a deep and meaningful way unknown to most people, and oh SO much love... And, remembering that feeling of unconditional love, safety, and hope that any other would die for, you cry.

By Just L
Written May 28, 2014

My first and most truest emotions and assessment.