By Marshall Hann
Submitted by Blessed23
Date: 2014 Sep 10
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The bouquet of dried roses
that I gave to you years ago
and that sat on the shelf
in the corner of my apartment
for so long
is gone now,
I gave it back to you
when you packed the rest of your things
and left

I'm still not sure why
I gave them back to you.
maybe it's because this soul of mine
that I gave to you
was somewhere in there
and I don't want it back
Or maybe I just couldn't bear to
think of our love
as a bunch of wilted flowers
sitting underneath a print
of "The Old Guitarist"
by Picasso
in a forgotten corner
of my dining room.
You were never as much in love
with me
as I was with you.
and I don't know if you ever really had a heart
when all I have left is silence
and what you have done
to me.