By Road trip to 2014 Street Vibes
Submitted by Just L
Date: 2014 Sep 26
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Sweet Vibes

I took a road trip to Reno

Retracing our adventure of two years ago I was reminded of...
The troubles in our rear view mirror
The beauty all around us
The wind in our face

Remembering the shared joy of...
Historic treasures and childhood stories
My arms wrapped around you on the Harley
The entire world in front of us

On this solo journey I experienced...
An unexpected sweetness mixed with sadness
I shed a few tears
Stopped and took a picture to remind me to enjoy the journey

Changing the soundtrack from Raitt to Rage...
I put on my Dolce & Gabana sunglasses
Pressed the pedal to 140
And smiled

Because I can

Just L
September 25, 2014